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The mini-MBA exists primarily in two formats: a one-week accelerated program and a one-week extended program.

The weekly format offers informative training, usually on a specific topic, such as a mini-MBA in digital marketing. The extended format takes 12-14 weeks and is held in weekly classes of several hours.

For example, Chicago Business School offers the following programs:

This is one of the best domestic business schools. People from the best companies of both the domestic market and the western market are trained here. The teaching staff includes only highly qualified specialists.

You can take a closer look at the Mini-MBA Start at this business school.


Mini-MBA provides the following benefits for students:

  1. The basis for making the best strategic business decisions.

  2. Comprehensive understanding of key business concepts.

  3. Increasing the ability to think critically and act strategically.

  4. Improved confidence.

  5. Gaining an understanding of the basics of an MBA.

  6. Access to a wider network of professionals.

Most importantly, students in the mini-MBA programs can receive an education with an expanded set of skills designed to succeed in today's global economy. Intercultural skills, social and cultural acumen and adaptive thinking. Thanks to a large selection of programs, everyone can find the most suitable option for themselves. Also, for the convenience of students, there are different forms of education. Many business schools offer distance learning, which is very convenient for those who work and cannot attend classes in person.



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