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How to Recognize a Fake Dissertation

Today, in order to be recognized by the world scientific community, it is necessary not only to make a real breakthrough, but also to correctly design your research. Recently, cases of falsification of data and the birth of false dissertations have become more frequent. Writing a PhD or doctoral dissertation is half the battle. It is important not only to correctly state your thoughts on paper, but also to convince the scientific community and experts of their correctness and reliability. This can be done by picking up irrefutable evidence.

Today we will consider the main signs of a fake dissertation, the reasons for the birth of low-quality works and the consequences of this type of activity.

How to check the authenticity or falsity of a dissertation?

If the Discussion Council during the preliminary assessment of the scientific work could not establish its true quality, then in the future this will be revealed by the expert council at the Higher Attestation Commission.

It is not difficult to establish the authenticity of the study. Highly qualified experts track the latest trends in their chosen industry, know the fundamental works, where to get verified and reliable sources of information, how to form an evidence base. Even at the first acquaintance, they may already have questions about the organization of the study.

Study Authentication

First of all, the thesis I will be checked for plagiarism. The program will immediately give out what works were borrowed. The commission will have to check whether all the allocated parts were correctly and correctly executed. A fake dissertation usually does not meet the established requirements of the guidelines. Therefore, when assessed by experts, all shortcomings will be instantly identified.

What is the risk of writing a fake dissertation?

The most obvious, and perhaps the simplest, punishment for creating a fake dissertation is the deprivation of a degree. In itself, this process is lengthy, but aimed at establishing justice. The HAC commission or any person who considers that the researcher has infringed or violated his rights can become the initiator.

The Consequences of Writing a Poor Dissertation

Most often, third parties apply with the aim of recognizing the dissertation as false by the authors, whose works were used in the work, but no links to the original source are indicated. In fact, their work was "stolen". In this case, the basis for recognizing the dissertation as false is plagiarism, for which administrative, civil and criminal liability is provided. Data falsification is also fraught with administrative and criminal liability.

Before you simplify your work and create a fake project, think about whether it is worth it. In this situation, you can lose not only the recently earned reputation and trust, but also suffer serious punishment (up to imprisonment).

Help from experts

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