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While healthcare providers have many employment options, there are opportunities for those who are not providers to also work in healthcare. Her Parents Countdown to College Coach blog offers timely college tips for parents and provides parents with the resources necessary to help their college-bound teens navigate the college maze. She is a regular contributor as a college expert on iGrad, Galtime, Unigo Expert Network, Student Advisor, and College Money Insider.

The production and distribution of healthcare devices also provides employment prospects. Companies such as Miracle Ear offer healthcare services that use advances in technology so this presents a unique career opportunity to work for a growing company.

Receiving an Offer

Once a prospective job is found, it is important to prepare a resume that highlights past achievements. Focus on experiences that stand out and provided important skills that may be useful in the future. Remember that companies will likely be sorting through stacks of resumes. Relevant coursework may also be highlighted under an educational section. Try to relate parts of the job description for the desired position with parts of the resume. For example, customer service may be listed in a job description. In this situation, a resume listing previous experiences with providing customer service may be vital to ensuring a job interview. Most universities offer on-campus writing services and assistance for students. However, these services can fill up quickly, especially during finals week.

During an interview, make eye contact as questions are asked and answered. If there is more than one interviewer, be sure to make eye contact with each person. Include specific examples in answers to questions, and remain confident. Draw from past experiences to provide evidence of knowledge and skills. Every contact they make, every event they attend, and every professor they have can help them when they begin the job search before graduation. Encourage them to get business cards, email addresses and contact information from anyone they develop relationships with while in college. By the time they are ready to graduate, they will have a good list of possible job contacts and references.

Following these guidelines will lead to a successful interview, and hopefully a job offer will follow.

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