Massage Therapy

Some studies have found massage may also be helpful for:


Digestive disorders



Insomnia related to stress

Myofascial pain syndrome

Paresthesias and nerve pain

Soft tissue strains or injuries

Sports injuries

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We have incorporated massage into our practice as a means of treating pain, decompressing tired and overworked muscles, reducing stress, rehabilitating sports injuries and promoting general health. The many benefits are now recognized by insurance companies and treatment may be covered.

Massage therapy may help cancer and other patients dealing with severe illness to cope with the stress, anxiety, fatigue, pain, and problems associated with diagnosis and treatment. The medical community widely embraces this complementary form of cancer therapy for its mind-body healing benefits. Unlike conventional medicine, massage therapy addresses the whole person, not just the body.

During a massage, a certified massage therapist or medical professional manipulates your body's soft tissues (muscle, connective tissue, tendons, ligaments and skin), using varying degrees of pressure and movement. Your massage therapy session will involve different types of strokes, of varying intensity, depending on your need.

Massage therapy is indicated to decrease swelling and impaired joint mobility, ease muscle spasms and muscle tension, and improve circulation. Massage therapy also may help reduce stress, anxiety and pain; improve your levels of alertness; enhance sleep patterns; and release your body's natural painkillers (endorphins). Some studies show that the relaxation response, induced by therapies such as massage, may enhance immune function.

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Michael R. Cayen H.A.A.N, RMT

Upon completion of the 2200hr program and the provincial testing, I took my certifications and I left Ontario and moved west to experience something different. I expanded my personal growth again leading me to Banff and the luxurious world of the Willow Stream Spa life at Banff Springs Hotel.  
I was fortunate to spend over 2 years learning to perfect the pure relaxation therapies as well as therapeutic aspects afforded by their extensive menu and became a very well rounded therapist able to do soft tissue rehab as well as some of their famous signature treatments this world-class spa is known for.  
My experiences in the foothills led me into a life dealing with athletes from all walks of life from retired skiers to Olympic team members.  
While in the foothills, I became particularly focused and dealt with, the often overlooked or unknown aspects of recoverability at altitude and thus was able to fine tune my treatment forms in treating various members of the men’s and women’s cross country ski teams. Canmore and Banff also host many athletes from different sports such as triathletes who compete in the  
Metrix venues  
The intensive research I delved into as well as the results-oriented methods of treating in this special field, led me to be a therapist of a totally different ilk than what one normally encounters in a clinic, specifically that of a soft tissue rehab and recovery therapist.  
I take great pride in my journey and its continued experiences.  
My specialties include but aren’t limited to:  
H.A.A.N. (High Altitude Athletics and Nutrition)  
Myofascial Cupping  
Integrated Manual Therapy  
Lymphatic drainage and tissue recovery techniques  
Peri-spinal Muscle focused relaxation  
Post surgical tissue and systemic recovery