Dr. Wikus Venter, MD, CCFP

Family Physician/ Owner/Medical Director Special Interest in Botox for Migraines, Trigger Point Injections, Minor Surgical Procedures

  • Dr. Venter completed his medical degree at the University of Pretoria in South Africa and completed his residency in Family Medicine at Addington Hospital in South Africa and Queen Mary’s Hospital in the United Kingdom.

  • Besides that, he underwent training in Anesthesia in the United Kingdom.

  • He completed his CCFP (Family Medicine Specialist), after moving to Canada. Furthermore, he has extensive experience in a variety of clinical settings, he worked at St Mary’s Mission Hospital in rural South-Africa, remote coastal communities in Labrador, rural Saskatchewan, and at the Urgent Care in Calgary.

  • Additionally, he took on the role of Medical Director of the South Calgary Urgent care and after that Medical Director of all the Urgent at Care centers in the Alberta Health Services, Calgary zone. 

  • Dr. Venter was able to participate and lead the Urgent Centers to become an established and respected provider of Urgent conditions in Calgary, Cochrane, Airdrie and Okotoks.

Marinda Venter, B.Com Hons, MA

Registered Psychologist/ Owner/ Clinic Manager

Marinda is a Registered Psychologist in the Province of Alberta Canada. Her Master Degree focused on the causes and treatment plans for domestic violence. She also has B.Com (Honours) in Industrial Psychology degree.

Marinda worked in South-Africa, England and Canada. She did extensive traveling in a wide variety of countries and was exposed to many different cultures. Prior to becoming a Psychologist, she worked in a variety work settings, Human Resource Department, eating disorders, Spousal abuse programs and family therapy.

She worked in rural Saskatchewan where she dealt with clients who presented with a wide variety of complicated issues.

She conducted individual and family assessment and therapy with the clients.

She also provided consultation to other health professionals in the health region. She worked closely with the family physicians, and psychiatrist of the health region, assisting them with suicide assessments, psychometric testing, and assessments of individual clients.

Marinda is working in private practice in Calgary since 2004.

Marinda is currently focusing on the assessment and treatment of Adult and Youth ADHD

Dr. Sara Wiesenberg, MD, CCFP, FCFP, MPH

Family Physician

Dr. Sara is joining Hygieia Medical Clinic in August 2018.

Having graduated from McMaster in 1981, she continued her education doing a specialized residency in Women's Health at Queen's, earning a degree in Epidemiology and Biostatistics at McGill and completing a Master's in Public Health at Johns Hopkins. She has practiced in many different settings in Northern Manitoba, Northern Labrador, Ontario, and Alberta, held a number of different administrative positions, conducted research with the Public Health Agency of Canada and taught many undergraduate and graduate students at two different universities. Currently, she enjoys practicing 'old fashioned' family medicine under the patient's Medical Home model and appreciating her acreage in the Alberta Foothills. 

Dr. Jane Ng, MDCM, RCPC

Paediatrics Consultant

Dr. Jane Ng (BSc – McGill, MDCM – McGill, RCPC – UBC) is delighted to be accepting referrals for children with medical, developmental or behavioural disorders. Please note Dr. Ng provides consultation only and families must have a primary care provider. A shared care model is reserved for children with complex and chronic medical needs. 

Dr. Tyson Warner, MD, CCFP

Family Physician

Dr. Jennifer Tupper, MD, CCFP

Family Physician

Dr. Tupper obtained her medical degree from the University of British Columbia and completed her family medicine residency and an emergency medicine fellowship at McGill University in Montreal. Furthermore, she has extensive experience in emergency room medicine, working at the emergency department of Banff-Mineral Springs Hospital and South Calgary Urgent Care.

Dr. Aliya Jamal, MBBS, CCFP

Family Physician, Special Interest Women's Health and IUD

Dr. Jamal obtained her medical degree from Monash University in Australia and completed her family residence program at the University of Saskatchewan. Dr. Jamal doesn’t currently have a family practice, she only focuses on female health and wellness.  She except female patients that need the following, pap smears, birth control/family planning, STI testing, early pregnancy care, menstrual concerns, breast issues, HPV Vaccine, IUD Clinic.

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