Jiao ( Alex ) Huang DTCM R.Acu

Registered acupuncturist & DTCM in Canada


Masters Degree 


11 years clinic experience



Instructor in Traditional Chinese Medicine College.

Symptoms Management


1. Internal organ disorder: cough, allergy, palpitation, vertigo, fever, heart burning, nausea, fatigue, edema, abdominal bloating, tinnitus, intermittent urine etc.


2. Pain management: migraine, headache, shingles pain, joints pain, lumbago, fibromyalgia, after surgery etc.


3. Emotion relief: depression, anxiety, insomnia 

4. Gynecology: irregular menstruation, dysmenorrhea etc.

Acupuncture method: 


1. Inserting needles around four extremities such as wrists ankles hands feets: safe treatment

2. Thin and short needle, superficial needling( putting needles under skin but not into the muscles) : no needle pain or bearable needle pain

3. A few numbers needles: usually less than 10 needles

4. Effective treatment: can tell improvement within 1-2 times treatments


Process of treatment:


1. 1-1 and half hours/ time with sitting position or lying down position 

2. To feel the pulse and see the tongue to know whether acupuncture can help or not before needling: like X-Ray, blood testing... to figure out the reason